Live Edge Guanacaste Floating Shelf


Live Edge Guanacaste Floating Shelf


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This Live Edge Guanacaste Floating Shelf delivers a unique, modern aesthetic to bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and offices. Each shelf is 1.75 inches thick and crafted from premium live edge walnut, making it a durable, attractive addition to any space. Comes with heavy duty mounting bracket. **The width will vary from slab to slab based on the contour of the live edge.

Full Specification

  • Wood: Guanacaste live edge
  • Wood Thickness: 1.5″ – 1.75″
  • Depth: 8” – 12”
  • Length: 12”-72”
  • This live edge floating shelf is crafted from premium, solid black guanacaste. Every piece is unique.
  • The width will vary from slab to slab based on the contour of the live edge.
  • Sustainably harvested hardwoods sourced in the Midwest and expertly handcrafted in the heart of the Ozarks.
  • Pictured in Guanaste live edge.
  • Clear Matte: Maintains the natural look & feel of the wood.
  • Durable Protection, resistant to everyday wear; Family-friendly.
  • Water and Heat Resistant.
  • Ships via FedEx.
  ASSEMBLY Each shelf comes with a floating bracket, exact holes are predrilled with every shelf for easy assembly. Tools needed: Drill or screwdriver, level, stud finder, measuring tape.
  1. Choose your desired spot to hang shelf
  2. Locate studs & Put screws in stud
  3. Attach floating mount to the wall and slide on the shelf using pre-drilled holes
**Screws not included.   WEIGHT LIMIT Weight limits are based on a licensed contractor to installing them properly into the wood studs. Drywall will not hold the same weight. Bracket Weight Limits: 10″-30″ 100lbs 34″-46″ 150lbs 50″-58″ 200lbs 70″-78″ 250lbs


Our durable and family-friendly pieces are designed to resist the wear and tear of everyday use, so you can enjoy them for years to come. Plus, our furniture is water and heat-resistant, making it the perfect choice for any home. Every piece of furniture we make is finished with a natural oil based finish. To maintain your furniture in its best shape, we recommend that you follow a few simple steps:


1. Keep surfaces dry

To maintain the quality of your finish, it is important to wipe up any prolonged standing water.


2. Protect from heat

Placing hot serving dishes on a heating pad or other protective surface is one way to help prevent staining on your table.


3. Use approved cleaners

Steer clear of any harsh, unapproved chemical-based cleaners or polishes to maintain your furniture’s finish.

Assembly instructions

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